About the project

Welcome to an Intenational Art&Craft Workshop organised by Social Thought Club Initiatives as a part of international Grundtvig Workshops project.

The objective of this Grundtvig action is to enable adult learners to participate in Workshops taking place in another European country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Workshop date: 09 -14.04.2011, Venue:  The centre Akademy Lucznica Łucznica, Poland (60 km from Warsaw)





Craft Workshops join together educational and integration elements.
During 7 days’ workshop participants will be acquainted with four techniques:
Tiffany stained glass
Silk painting
Jewellery making

Expected outputs :
Developed manual skills
Self-development with regard to intercultural experience
Filling out aesthetic-expressive needs
Greater motivation to create craft
Development of creativity and high self esteem which makes participants more confident and efficient in their own point of view
Craft workshop effects can be taken home as a keepsake


The present Project is implemented with financial support of the European Community withtin the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme framework. It is stipulatedthat the content of the Project or materials attached do not reflect the European Commission’s position in particular matter and in this connection either the European Commission or the National Agency is not responsible for that.