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Day 7

Author – Christine.
The last day has arrived and we can hardy believe it has come so quickly! Today both groups have joined up to take part in the jewelery workshop.

So our instructors demonstrate how to make a loop using wire, how to make a necklace and earrings. Everyone is eager to get started and already some participants have chosen the colors they will use for each Project. There are four projects to complete, a necklace, a bracelet, earrings and wire work.

Nobody notices the passing hours of the morning and even the coffee break goes by without interruption to the work of the group.

It’s amazing that everyone starts off with the same tools and materials and yet all the projects are so different and so beautiful.

Our instructors wire wrapping works

After lunch everyone rushes to pack in time to be ready for the return visit to Warsaw where we will be staying overnight. After checking into the hotel we have a tour of the old city and then meet in a restaurant for the final meal before we say our goodbyes.

Its a sad day to say farewell to our new friends but we return home not only with good memories but with lots of great projects to show with pride to our family and friends and of course the skills to continue to make more creative Project in the future.

Day 6

Day Has started with a surprise made by Turkish Team.

They prepared breakfast for All :) It was special Turkish meal called …… melemen

W enjoyed the meal very much and after that All participanr rushed to work, to complete its arts.

GROUP 1 finished their batik

GROUP 2 worked on their pieces of work in the silk painting class. All of the work was finished to a very high and impressive standard.

After lunch it was very quiet . Everyone worked very hard to complete their work in time four our exhibition. After supper which we decided to do so that each group could see each others’ work.


Well, it was really marvelous to view to talent of the two groups when all the works was laid out, some participants had completed many Projects over the week and everyone was very happy – especially when we received great praise from Mrs. Sofia.

Veronika was still working on her very complicated pattern on silk

with help of others she manage to finish just before the midnight


. .  . Even SPIKY has his own batik portrait made by Emili

our Ladies Team

and :)

The organizers also seemed satisfied



Day 5

Today no one noticed that the project coordinator is missing at breakfast, because … overslept
This is a good sign… that the project goes smoothly his own life…
Groups started working with new techniques:

GROUP 1 with batik

Group 2 with silk


rainy weather didn’t encourage to walking

After the supper we had Irish Dance workshop provided by Christine

International Exchange on each step …
and learning about polish history




Day 4

The day started from working in studio, again :)

Fusing glass work is ready.

Silk painting group started working on second project

After class, we had a chance to see how a traditional Polish rye bread is baked in the bread oven

And of course try the freshly baked, still warm bread with garlic butter and lard

Then invited guests, ethnographers: Agnieszka i Mateusz tell us about the traditions and culture of the region of Mazovia, presented the traditional architecture

play traditional folk music

and conducted the workshop with learning folk dances

Everybody enjoyed it :), inter cultural integration has exceeded expectations…

Inspired by shows of Polish folk dance group presented traditional Turkish dances


Day 3

After the breakfast all participants quickly rushed toward the studio with great commitment to continue to work on their projects.
Group 1 started working with silk.

Ms Zofia introduced us the secrets of painting on silk,

we had the opportunity to see the work finished and tested using the painting tools. Then everyone began to work on their own projects, which proved to be not so easy …

looking for inspiration

in nature

in internet

Group 2 gone to stained glass studio and started adventure with glass

involvement in the creation was so great that some people have forgotten about the dinner ;)

The silk Team also was creative frenzy

After hard work we had some time to integrate and know better each other during INTERNATIONAL EVENING

International Evening started with a tasting of traditional Polish dishes: pierogi and borscht, then we  listened to the representatives of different countries, who talked about culture, customs, famous characters and interesting places.  Participants brought with them items characteristic of their countries: sweets, drinks and souvenirs:)


Day 2

The second day began with a tour of the ceramic workshop, where participants could see both devices and equipment for making and firing pottery as well as finished works in the studio.

Musical instruments made of clay attracted the most interest.

The stained glass studio began work on the projects in the art of stained glass tiffany.

The batik workshop continued work on increasingly complex projects.

During the lunch break, just after lunch we had horse carriage tour around the area.

. . .

Day 1

Welcome at the first day of the Workshop!

First day  started from breakfast organizational informations and SURPRISES :) which was….

Then participants were dividing into 2 groups of 10.

After a short walk and visiting several studio workshops (weaving , joinery, batik, stained glass, willow) the real craftwork started!!

FIRST GROUP (Anda, Bilal, Christine, Helene, Gunta, Huseyin, Emily, Agnieszka, Anna, Marta) went to stained glass studio.


The workshop began from safety instructions. Then participants were acquainted with the techniques of separation and cutting glass.


Then they learned the principles of glass fusing


SECOND GROUP (Liga, Nafi, Salih, Veronika, Emilija, Liene, Veselina, Monika, Zlatimir, Karolina) went to batik studio

Workshop began with introduction on the orgin of batik and presentation of batik history in Poland. Then participants learned how to design batik patterns and applied wax on the fabric. Then coloring… then wainting for drying and… again from the beginning waxing …cororing and waxing and coloring with different colours …

About batik Step by Step

At the evening the barbecue was planned but because of the weather (windy, cold) we had to stay inside. We did ice-beaker, activity who helped to know each other better :)

Artistic and intercultural event in Lucznica, Poland!

20 participants, 10 European countries, 7 days and 4 different artistic activities. Art&Craft workshop is on! From Saturday (09.04) the participants will learn and practise different arts: tiffany stained glass, silk painting,batik and jewelery making. The organizator of workshop is KMS Inicjatywy – non-governmental organisation from Poland. The workshop is financied from Grundtvig Programm.