Day 6

Day Has started with a surprise made by Turkish Team.

They prepared breakfast for All :) It was special Turkish meal called …… melemen

W enjoyed the meal very much and after that All participanr rushed to work, to complete its arts.

GROUP 1 finished their batik

GROUP 2 worked on their pieces of work in the silk painting class. All of the work was finished to a very high and impressive standard.

After lunch it was very quiet . Everyone worked very hard to complete their work in time four our exhibition. After supper which we decided to do so that each group could see each others’ work.


Well, it was really marvelous to view to talent of the two groups when all the works was laid out, some participants had completed many Projects over the week and everyone was very happy – especially when we received great praise from Mrs. Sofia.

Veronika was still working on her very complicated pattern on silk

with help of others she manage to finish just before the midnight


. .  . Even SPIKY has his own batik portrait made by Emili

our Ladies Team

and :)

The organizers also seemed satisfied



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