Day 7

Author – Christine.
The last day has arrived and we can hardy believe it has come so quickly! Today both groups have joined up to take part in the jewelery workshop.

So our instructors demonstrate how to make a loop using wire, how to make a necklace and earrings. Everyone is eager to get started and already some participants have chosen the colors they will use for each Project. There are four projects to complete, a necklace, a bracelet, earrings and wire work.

Nobody notices the passing hours of the morning and even the coffee break goes by without interruption to the work of the group.

It’s amazing that everyone starts off with the same tools and materials and yet all the projects are so different and so beautiful.

Our instructors wire wrapping works

After lunch everyone rushes to pack in time to be ready for the return visit to Warsaw where we will be staying overnight. After checking into the hotel we have a tour of the old city and then meet in a restaurant for the final meal before we say our goodbyes.

Its a sad day to say farewell to our new friends but we return home not only with good memories but with lots of great projects to show with pride to our family and friends and of course the skills to continue to make more creative Project in the future.

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