Day 1

Welcome at the first day of the Workshop!

First day  started from breakfast organizational informations and SURPRISES :) which was….

Then participants were dividing into 2 groups of 10.

After a short walk and visiting several studio workshops (weaving , joinery, batik, stained glass, willow) the real craftwork started!!

FIRST GROUP (Anda, Bilal, Christine, Helene, Gunta, Huseyin, Emily, Agnieszka, Anna, Marta) went to stained glass studio.


The workshop began from safety instructions. Then participants were acquainted with the techniques of separation and cutting glass.


Then they learned the principles of glass fusing


SECOND GROUP (Liga, Nafi, Salih, Veronika, Emilija, Liene, Veselina, Monika, Zlatimir, Karolina) went to batik studio

Workshop began with introduction on the orgin of batik and presentation of batik history in Poland. Then participants learned how to design batik patterns and applied wax on the fabric. Then coloring… then wainting for drying and… again from the beginning waxing …cororing and waxing and coloring with different colours …

About batik Step by Step

At the evening the barbecue was planned but because of the weather (windy, cold) we had to stay inside. We did ice-beaker, activity who helped to know each other better :)

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